To change your cover picture on Weganup just go on PROFILE and then click CHANGE COVER IMAGE and load the picture you want. For better results we suggest you to choose a picture size 1400px by 440px


Managing your notifications is very easy. Every time you will receive a new notification, a little  dot with a number, will appear to the right top to of the page (live notifications) to remind you to see what's new in your notification box. You can also check your notifications in the toolbar.

To create a personal Blog in you own account click articles in the toolbar. In this way you will be able to publish articles, photos and stories. Each article will be exclusivly yours and it will be strongly indexed by weganup network so it will be Read by users all over the world

To send a pubblic message go to the user's profile and click PUBBLIC MESSAGE.

To send a private message to a friend go to your friend profile page and click PRIVATE MESSAGE . As an alternative you can use the chat. The chat is always visible below, in the right side of the page. You can also send private messages  to people are not your friends.

To create a group, you have to go to GROUPS ---> CREATE A GROUP and follow all the steps. In GROUPS you can also find all your groups. To delete a group you created, just go to GROUPS---> MANAGE ----> DELETE

To find a friend go to SEARCH link at the right top of the page: write your friend name (or nickname) and go to his profile. Now you can add him as a friend or you can just follow him. Once you are a friend, you can find your friend list on the right-hand side of the page (MEMBERS). You can also find your complete friend list, by clicking on FRIENDS in the toolbar.

To create a weganup account go to www.weganup.com and enter your full name, your e-mail and choose a password. You will shortly receive an e-mail from weganup.com: Please click on the confirmation link it contains to complete your registration. Now You are a weganup user!

You can add or change your profile picture by clicking on the profile photo in the header. In the page displayed you can see, in the middle of the page, a link "Edit".

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